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Blues Arrival: Stories of the Queer Black South and Migration


What do you know about the Black Queer South?

Blues Arrival: Stories of the Queer Black South  is about to take you on a road trip of southern Black Queer culture, identity and migration. Our stories are what connect us. “Blues Arrival” gives us the opportunity to take part in the stories of a marginalized community to create awareness and share knowledge about Black Queer culture in the South.

This artistic anthology allows its readers to gain a collected appreciation of the journey and survival of the 21st Century Queer Black Southern migration to progressive cities while seeking liberation and self-expression. Through poetry, prose, and art we give a voice to so many that have been silenced. 

Contributors include Ajuan Mance, Orlando Taylor, Princess McDowell, Aisha White, Brandon L Jackson, P.D. Battle, Whitney Dean and many more.

Welcome to the Queer Black South... 

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